Board Members

Daily Bread Soup Kitchen is run by a volunteer board elected by the general membership of volunteers. The current board includes an executive committee, the daily crew chiefs and other committee chairpersons.

Daily Bread Board Members 2022-2023

Goss, Bob. President and Wednesday Crew Chief
McDowell, Ellen. President Emeritus
Whitely, Yvette. Vice President and Thursday Crew Chief
Hagle, Pam. Secretary
Carns, Jeff. Treasurer and Saturday Crew Chief

Bennett, Stevie. Food Crew
Breen, Alex. Sunday Crew Chief
Brown, Charlie. Food Procurement
Dobbins, James. Assistance Committee
Evans, Charlie. Tuesday Crew Chief
Evans, Ruthann. Grants
Harms, Ellen. Publicity/Newsletter
Hock, Zarina. At large
Madhubalan, Deepa. Hospitality
Metz, Kate. Food Procurement
Sentowski, Ron. Friday Crew Chief
Szujewski, Henry. Maintenance Coordinator